CrossFit Games 2017 Männer

190122 Tuesday

Warm up Mobility+ 7 min. Amrap of: 10 Jumping Jacks,5 DB Front Squats,5 Push Press,7 Jumping Pull ups Skill: Man Makers, weight for the Met Con

190121 Monday

Warm up Mobility+ Burgener Warm up Skill by the Movements
Sport in der Sommerhitze - Outdoor Box am Seaside Beach

190119 Saturday

Warm up Mobility+ 20 Sprints, choose your fav. 3min. rest Skill: Technique Med Ball clean and by the Met Con End of the Wod 6 Barbell TGU
CrossFit Box Essen CrossFit Kader Essen

190118 Friday

Warm up Mobility+ 3 rounds of: 5 hang muscle snatch,5 broad jumps Skill: Technique-load increase End of the Wod 9-7-5 of: Hang power snatch 50 Double under before each round  

190117 Thursday

Warm up Mobility+ Skill: Movements of the Met Con
Personal On Ramp

190116 Wednesday

Warm up Mobility+ 200m run+ 3 rounds Cindy Skill: Complex 1 Clean 3Thruster load Determination+ Progression Muscle up

190115 Tuesday

Warm up+Mobility+ 3 Rounds: 10 KB DL-10 Step up Skill: Super Set Squat with two Box and Band(8 reps)-glute bridge (8 reps)

190114 Monday

Warm up + Mobility + Amrap 5 min.of: 21 double unders, 7 push ups Technique: Push Press+load determination+test Strength: Emom Double Push Press, start with an empty Barbell ad 5 kilo every min.
CrossFit Yoga: Beweglichkeit verbessern für maximale Power

190112 Saturday

Mobility+ Running+Agility Skills

190111 Friday

Mobility+ Squat Clinic 5-4-3-2-1 reps 20 Superman after each round Skill: Back Squat Rising Rage